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Is selling your work during the holiday season overwhelming?


It doesn't have to be! Holiday gift-givers are just waiting for you to show up, consistently and with authenticity, to help them find beautiful and thoughtfully - created treasures. By telling your story and strategically launching products for the holidays, you can grow and sell to your audience more intentionally than ever before.

It's time you launch your Holiday Shop with the confidence your work deserves!


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Picture this: your customers are irresistibly drawn to your virtual storefront, enticed by the visual symphony you've crafted.

Your investment of time now will pay off in the future.

You have begun your art career but you feel frazzled and frustrated,

the holidays snuck up on you last year and you got all the ideas but you only had a week or two to get everything ready so you didn't even bother. 

I know! I've been there too!

And then you said, "next year, it'll be different, I'll plan ahead and get this thing going early!"

It's now next year! Now it's summer: the kids are home, your family is visiting, your life is busy and you are saying, "I'll plan next month..."

Don't wait, let's make it happen!

Just a couple of hours a week NOW will save you time, energy, and effort in November when you are wishing you had gotten yourself together to bring your beautiful work to your audience.

HERE'S THE BEST PART: We're going to do it together!

Join me for a 4-part LIVE virtual workshop, Thursdays in August, starting August 10th to get you and your art business ready to sell during the holiday season.



 Harness the Holidays

a LIVE 4-part virtual workshop, Thursdays in August to prep you for the holidays

By the end of the workshop, you'll ...

have a game plan for the season

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey of holiday planning that will infuse the next few months with excitement and confidence! This workshop is your ultimate compass to navigate the festive season with finesse, week by week. With a meticulously crafted monthly plan, you'll unveil a world of possibilities, ensuring you stay ahead of the game and bask in the anticipation of a sensational holiday season!

get specific with your offer

Dig into your creativity this holiday season, and watch as your audience is left awe-inspired and delighted by your extraordinary offerings! No more random assortments – tap into the brilliance of your existing work, crafting a holiday offer that will captivate your audience's hearts. Embrace the joy of lower stress as you wield the power to guarantee your audience's love for your holiday offer!

tell the story of your work through photos

In the ever-evolving landscape of online businesses, photography is the undisputed lifeline to your triumphant success. Picture this: Your customers are irresistibly drawn to your virtual storefront, enticed by the visual symphony you've crafted. Each image, meticulously bathed in a radiant glow, exudes an air of excitement and allure that ignites their curiosity.

launch your holiday shop with style

Unleash a holiday launch that radiates boundless excitement and charm! Shed the cloak of uncertainty. Why settle for a timid approach when you can dazzle the world with a grand spectacle of your creativity? Picture this: As the curtain rises on your holiday launch, a symphony of colors, lights, and enchanting surprises greet your eagerly-awaiting audience. Toss aside the notion that this time of year must be a dreary affair and launch with style!

 and that's not all...

Strategic Planning. Guest Speakers. Examples from my Studio. Your Questions: Answered.

There's so much here for you.

Hello friends! I'm Sarah,

I am so excited to walk through this 4-part LIVE virtual workshop with you to help you plan and execute your holiday sales this year! Before I started launching my online Holiday Shop back in 2018 I had no idea that this was even a possibility for me and my art business!  Year one I took what my audience was responding to and launched just a few ornaments. Each year I listened and added and now I am excited to launch my holiday shop each year with fanfare and confidence. I want to help you reach your audience this season!

Want a sneak peek?

No fluff — we're getting down to business!

Workshop Day 1 | August 10:

Holiday Planning

10am - 12pm EST on Zoom
You'll learn how to plan during the summer months to set yourself up for success.

Special Guest: Charlotte Rosen | Movement Designed to Feel Good

Workshop Day 2 | August 17:

Choosing your Holiday Product

10am - 12pm EST on Zoom
It's hard to decide what exactly you want to create for the holidays, but I'm going to help take the guess work out of the whole thing!

By the end of Day 2 you will know what you are going to offer your audience for the holiday season.

Special Guest: Katherine Corden | Katherine Corden Art

Workshop Day 3 : August 24

Photography + Storytelling

10am - 12pm EST on Zoom
Making small changes to your photography and storytelling is the number one thing artists can do to improve their offerings immediately.

When you run an online business you have to have great photos!

Special Guest: Krista Coons | Her Name is Mud

Workshop Day 4 | August 31:

The Launch

10am - 12pm EST on Zoom
Instead of just putting your work out there and whispering to the people on your list, the people on your social media, your friends and family, why not LAUNCH your shop? I'll go over everything needed to launch your shop successfully and set you up for success for years to come.

Special Guest: Arin Guthe | True Cotton


Wrap Up Q+A

Available September 7
Knowing that you will likely have questions that we will not get to in our live time together, I will create an answer vault to the most frequently asked questions available one week after we wrap up.


You'll hear from four amazing guest speakers!

They've been through this and learned a few things along the way. These special guests will give you a little window into their holiday offerings over the last several years in business.


Movement Designed to Feel Good
Thursday, August 10


Katherine Corden Art
Thursday, August 17


Her Name is Mud
Thursday, August 24


True Cotton Art
Thursday, August 31

This 4-part LIVE workshop is for you if...
  • You are new to your art business and learning all the ways to diversify your income.
  • You have an online shop and want to leverage the holidays for more online sales.
  • You have participated in the holiday season but haven't had much luck in the past.
  • You want to expand your reach and delight your audience.
This 4-part LIVE workshop is not for you if...
  • You have never sold online before.
  • You do not have an online presence.
  • You don't like sending packages from your home/studio.
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How this 4-part LIVE virtual workshop unfolds

Step 1
Enroll in Harness the Holidays

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Step 2
Meet me on Zoom

I'll be there with bells and whistles Thursday, AUGUST 10th from 10am - 12pm EST for Day 1 of our LIVE workshop series. You'll receive an email from me with a downloadable worksheet and instructions on everything before we begin.

Step 3
Watch the Replays

All 4 of the LIVE sessions will be recorded and available for you to watch for one year! You can watch and rewatch over and over. 


Kind words from my past students

I'm so grateful to the thousands of students I have taught online and in-person throughout my career - here are a few words from them...

Join me starting August 10

for this 4-part LIVE virtual workshop!

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  • 4 LIVE workshop sessions
  • 1 Bonus recorded Q+A
  • PDF worksheets to guide you
  • Guest speaker sessions
  • Ability to submit your questions
  • Replays available
  • Access for one year

7 day money back guarantee


Payment Plan


3 Monthly Payments

  • 4 LIVE workshop sessions
  • 1 Bonus recorded Q+A
  • PDF worksheets to guide you
  • Guest speaker sessions
  • Ability to submit your questions
  • Replays available
  • Access for one year

7 day money back guarantee

Got Questions? I've got answers!

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